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DIY 11

Honey, lemon juice, egg white face mask

Hello beauties, I’ll be sharing with you today a very effective mask recipe that help alleviates pimples, acne, sebum and darkspot. Things needed : 2tbsp honey 3tbsp of lemon juice 1 egg white 2 small clean bowls A big bowl for steaming Spoon A clean towel -Honey contains antibacterial properties, it lightens the skin and also works as a moisturizer. […]


Home remedy for fighting whiteheads

Hy beautiful people! I will be revealing to you a wonderful, effective home remedy for treating whiteheads on the face. Whitehead is form when too much oil accumulates on the face. This unfavorable skin condition can be caused by the use of oily cosmetics, pregnancy, hormonal changes e.t.c Consistently undergoing a face steaming procedure at least twice a month will […]


How to get rid of strech marks naturally

In the last trimester of my twin pregnancy, i noticed a few strech lines on my bump, i wasn’t really worried because it was just a few like i mentioned earlier…but immediately i was delivered of my babies, poooooom! it covered my whole tummy immediately i began using the tips i’ll be talking about below. Strech marks can occur when […]