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How to touch up your makeup like a pro

Hey fam! So today i’ve got another interesting and great topic to take you through, and i can assure you these touch up tips will help pull off a flawless makeup (hopefully in five minutes). At the start of your day, your makeup may be looking a hundred percent, but what happens after about 8 hours when things starts to […]

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How to make your eyes bigger using makeup.

Hello love bugs! Everyone is born with a unique eye shape, be it monolid, upturned, downturned, hooded, almond and so on. Not all of us are born with a big eye, so if your eyes aren’t big naturally like you’ll want them to be, don’t worry these easy steps below will put you through. Groom/define your brows: your brow has […]

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How to paint your nail like a pro

Hey lovelies! It’s been a while guys, i promise i’ll never go away for this long without sharing my ideas with you again, but like seriously i’ve been so busy, I just concluded my 2 days online brow training classs and……. please forgive me! Before i proceed, i’ll like to wish you all a happy worker’s day. The art of […]

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How to achieve a perfect DATE NIGHT look.

When it comes to a night date, every girl breaks out from her day-to-day look to achieving a sexier one. In the process of you trying to impress your man, some of us over do things. Are you looking forward to a date night after work, school or even during the weekends? Worry no more, because orenteCARES has got your […]

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Flawless Application Of Foundation Like a Pro

Sometimes our skin can choose to go against us when we are in need of it cooperation, it’s either a big pimple today or spot tomorrow. Fortunately foundations comes to rescue in situations like these. This mindblowing piece hides spots, pimples and acne if applied properly. Before learning the art of makeup, i struggled with proper application of foundation for […]

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Best eyebrows for all face shape

Hello everyone! I will be discussing different face shapes and the best eyebrow to draw on them. As a makeup artist i got to understand that you don’t just draw anything on a clients face, every face has it own unique shape, thereby requires a suitable brow for it. The shape of the face plays an important role on ones […]