Effective DIY Hair Mask for maximum Hair growth

Waiting for your hair to grow can be so frustrating, to some people it feels like eternity, i want you to know that your hair cannot grow over night, only proper hair care and a healthy diet encourages hair growth, in other words growing long hair takes patience for months or even years. Also weekly routine application of certain mask […]

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Flawless Application Of Foundation Like a Pro

Sometimes our skin can choose to go against us when we are in need of it cooperation, it’s either a big pimple today or spot tomorrow. Fortunately foundations comes to rescue in situations like these. This mindblowing piece hides spots, pimples and acne if applied properly. Before learning the art of makeup, i struggled with proper application of foundation for […]

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Best eyebrows for all face shape

Hello everyone! I will be discussing different face shapes and the best eyebrow to draw on them. As a makeup artist i got to understand that you don’t just draw anything on a clients face, every face has it own unique shape, thereby requires a suitable brow for it. The shape of the face plays an important role on ones […]


DIY face mask for oily skin

Oily skin is a dull coloured, shiny, thick skin. Having an oily skin can cause numerous breakouts of pimples, enlarged pores, acne and black heads. The oil producing sebaceous glands in an oily skin are overactive and give rise to too much oil, it can be caused by: hot weather, oily products, hormone levels, diets. Oily skin is so annoying […]


How to get rid of strech marks naturally

In the last trimester of my twin pregnancy, i noticed a few strech lines on my bump, i wasn’t really worried because it was just a few like i mentioned earlier…but immediately i was delivered of my babies, poooooom! it covered my whole tummy immediately i began using the tips i’ll be talking about below. Strech marks can occur when […]