Welcome to my blog beautiful people! Hope everyone is fine and safe? I pray God sees us through this pandemic….Amen

On today’s post I’ll be sharing with you all tips on how to stay motivated while working from home.

It is very easy to lose motivation working from your comfort zone, working from home requires discipline and focus solely on your tasks during your working hours.

Read on to see how to stay motivated while working from your home if you are one of those who finds working from home difficult:

Work with a To-do list

Planning your day ahead helps you stay on top of your schedule and organized, you get to know the task to engage in at a particular time rather than jumpino into numerous things at once.

Wake up early

Waking up early gives space for you to start working early so you can have some free time for yourself later.

Create your home office

Sleep and tiredness will easily set in if you work on a sofa or bed, it’s important to make out a quiet, clean and nice space for working at home. You tend to focus more without distractions by creating your own office space.

It’s also necessary to stay away from your TV and phones, so as to avoid scrolling through your social media, always checking your phone and a divided attention.

Take regular breaks

Have in mind that you do not have to finish all the task on your list, i highly recommend going on breaks to help refresh your memory but it’s important to be self disciplined of how long your breaks last.

Make friends with like-minded people

Working from home can get lonely and frustrating sometimes, getting yourself someone or people you share same goal with is a great way to curb demotivation. Aside from socializing it helps you support, motivate each other, learn more about your job and ask for help. This can be done by making video calls or in-app chats

Do you have any tips on how to work from home without being demotivated? Please share with me in the comments section….thanks for reading ❤️


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