Happy Easter to you all my lovelies!

I know I’ve been off for some days, the thing is; each time i pick up my device to put out a post, i just get discouraged and the rest is history…..

I just put my daughter in her cot to sleep and i thought it would be ungrateful of me not to share this post with you all.

I’ve caught myself on so many occasions staring at my daughter today and feeling so blessed. This sweet angel reminds me of God’s love and mercies daily. I was 25weeks pregnant with her this time last year, i could remember how my life was filled with fear and uncertainties because of my previous experience of losses, but today God has made me a joyful mother of a lovely little girl. Indeed this God is super awesome. (I’ll be sharing how i battled with loss and overcame with you all soon)

But for now i wish you all happy Easter celebration even if I’m a bit late.

And to my readers who believe differently or do not believe at all, you are all loved too❤️

Thanks for reading….XoXo😘


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