Hello lovelies, welcome to my blog! On today’s post I’ll be sharing with you all my 5 best photo editing apps to help you create unique and beautiful images.

I know the challenge that comes with discovering a good photo app (because there are loads of options to choose from) without wasting so much money and time, that’s why i came up with this post on my 5 best effective, inexpensive, easy to learn and use photo editing apps.


This photo editing app gives your photos stylish and unique look. It has basic editing tools such as cropping, transforming and adjusting features. This app also havemultiple filters you can choose from, the ability to create your own individual filter for your own use is quite fascinating.


VSCO app is one of the most popular photo editing app out there, it’s available for both android and iOS users. It has dozens of filters that can transform your photos into a top notch image, and it also offers manual camera settings, advanced and professional editing options.


This photo editing app is fun and colorful and it allows the use of collages, text, funky stickers, personalized drawings, preset filters and animated GIF. This app is suitable for both android and iOS users.

Adobe Lightroom

This app offers so much professional photo enhancement settings, although you will have to pay for it subscription to unlock it full functionality. It allows synchronization with the desktop app which means; you do not have to open the latter just to make quick edits. It can also be enjoyed on iPads, iPhones and android devices.


Snapseed is user friendly and has powerful editing features. It’s integrated with bunch of editing tools, it has a healing tool that works simply by tapping on or brushing over areas with blemishes to remove unwanted scars from your photo. Luckily, you can get all of it benefits without paying for a subscription and it is also compatible with iOS and android devices.

Perhaps you know other lovely photo editing apps, kindly share them with me in the comments box. Thank you ❤️❤️


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