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Some people believe affirmations are just a bunch of nonsense and a waste of time, while others believe it works. I believe it works too and I’ll like to share my views on how it works for me and how it could work for you also.

There are moments in life when things don’t seem to go our way, (one may be having a good life and then suddenly clouds and gloom appears) this phases tends to put doubt, fear and all sorts in our lives. You can change things by putting the power of the tongue to work by not allowing negativity control your life.

My own definition of affirmationAffirmation is the ability to think or say positive things to empower oneself. In other words; having a positive mindset supported with affirmations makes anything achievable.

Here’s my list of positive affirmations to help maintain a positive mindset:

  1. I will fight through this and conquer
  2. My time is now
  3. I am making progress daily
  4. Love is looking for me
  5. I am in love with myself and my body
  6. My possibilities are endless
  7. I am successful in all i do
  8. I appreciate everything i have
  9. I feel wonderful and alive
  10. Peace begins in me
  11. There’s power within me
  12. I can make a difference
  13. I choose to be confident today
  14. I believe in my abilities
  15. I am whole
  16. Good things will come to me
  17. All of my problems have solutions
  18. I forgive myself of my mistakes
  19. I am perfect just the way i am
  20. My mistakes help me learn and grow
  21. I am an amazing person
  22. I deserved to be loved
  23. Everyday is a fresh start
  24. I believe in my goals and dreams
  25. I choose to think positive today
  26. If i fall i will get back up again
  27. I only compare myself to myself
  28. I can get through anything and emerge a winner
  29. I can do better next time
  30. I can be anything i want to be
  31. I accept who i am
  32. I am capable of so much
  33. Today is going to be an awesome day
  34. Everything will be okay
  35. I am thankful for everything that did not work out for me

Do you also believe in affirmations?(why), do you think affirmations are a total waste of time?(why)

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