Welcome back to my blog beautiful people! On this post I’ll be showing you how i use canva to create visual images for my blog.

Like we all know; visuals play a very vital role in blogging, in other words a boring blog won’t last long. So, if you already own a blog or you’re starting one i think you should pay attention to this post.

With zero or little knowledge on graphic design you can create very attractive graphics for your blog, Canva is embedded with creative designs that gives your site a professional appearance that your visitors will love.

Most times i choose the size of a Pinterest image when creating my visuals so i don’t have to create another for my pins, because i pin directly from my post and other times i just work with any template i like.

First of, i open my Canva app and select a Pinterest template like you’ve seen me do in the picture above.

After choosing my desired template, i change the image to one that suits my blog post, sometimes i uploads This image/s directly from Canva, in the picture below you’ll see i used a picture saved in my gallery.

I click on the text (edit) and add a suitable text from my blog post and add my website address.

And lastly, i save and upload it on my blog post.

That’s it folks, hope you enjoyed this post? I’ll be waiting to answer your questions in the comment box and Incase you have any tip for creating visuals using Canva or other app, please share with me.

Thanks for reading ❤️❤️


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