Hello lovelies welcome back to my blog! On this post I’ll share fun list of things that you can do when you need a little “me time” or when you’re bored and alone. Let’s dive right in folks

  • Have a in-home spa session- Have you been wondering if you can give yourself a spa treat at home? Of course you can have a good session at home, it doesn’t matter if you get over the counter products or you DIY the stuffs you’ll need, what matters most is creating a perfect ambiance for this.
  • Listen to music– Singing along to a few of your favorite songs is a cool thing to do on days you’re alone.
  • Make yourself up– You mustn’t be a professional like myself(lol) to do this, thank God for YouTube videos; check out a step by step makeup video and play along.
  • Play with Snapchat filters
  • Give your bedroom a makeover- If you’ve not moved things around in your room in a while this is the best time to do so; changing the photos on the wall and changing the positioning of your shoe rack, putting up beautiful wall stickers will give your room an entirely different and beautiful look.
  • Watch a movie
  • Try a new recipe- Go on a culinary challenge with yourself. You can cook something from scratch or create a meal from the leftovers in your freezer.
  • Bake something- Putting your baking skills to work on days like this is a fun thing to do, mind you; even if you don’t know how to bake you can learn by watching videos on YouTube. Your family and friends will definitely be in for a treat.
  • Take online courses- If you’ve been longing to learn something new without attending a physical class, the best time to do so is now.
  • Play games on your phone- There are countless game Apps to download and enjoy, the ones i play most times are; candy crush, temple run, cooking fever, 4 picks 1 word.

These are my 10 fun things to do when alone, i hope you enjoyed my list? Are there any of your favorite solo activities on this list? Kindly share, like and comment.

Thanks for stopping by….Cya❤️❤️

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