Hello beauties,

Welcome to another beauty post, it’s all about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair without cutting off your relaxed hair to start from the scratch.

My story- I’ve tried going on this journey severally, but somewhere along the line i get discouraged and go back to relaxing my hair again. But the good news is that i’m so prepared this time and i’m surely going to achieve my goal lol. In the bid to get to my goal (growing my natural fine hair), i did several researches and i’ve gathered few tips which i will be sharing with you today.

1. Keep your hair hydrated:

Dryness does no good to any kind of hair, not even your transitioning hair. Always ensure your hair is properly hydrated to avoid breakage by applying hot oil treatment on your hair (work the oil from your scalp to your hair strands). Hot oil massage moisturizes and provides your hair with adequate nutrients.

2. Wash your hair once in seven days:

In my opinion, washing your hair once in a week allows the natural oil you’ve applied, have enough time to work it way thoroughly into each hair strand.

3. Stay away from heat and chemicals:

When transitioning, it’s very important to stay away from heat and chemicals as they also cause hair breakage, and am sure you don’t want that right? lol

4. Opt for transitioning-friendly products:

It’s vital to choose a very good product that works well for you, I’ve heard loads of positive reviews on ‘Cantu products’, and i got them too, you can try it out also.

5. Choose protective hair styles.

So far in my hair transition journey, i’ll say it quite tough, because it comes with; split ends, breakage and co. If you’re also doing same or preparing to transition, please don’t be discouraged, it’s sure going to be worth the stress.

Embracing your natural beauty is so sweet…

What’s your take on going natural? How long have you been natural? Are you planning on transitioning? How has having natural hair affected your life? What product will you rather work with in your transitioning journey? Who’s your natural hair idol?

I’ll be awaiting your thoughts on this post in the comment section, remember to like and follow…

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Orentenimi xoxo!


  1. I’m transitioning after maybe 15 years of relaxers and heat damage. This is pretty much the pattern I’ve been following, but how often do you recommend the hot oil treatment? Is that something you’re doing daily when you’re not washing?

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