Hello lovelies, welcome to my blog! On today’s post we’ll talk about profitable small business ideas for women, this doesn’t mean that a man can’t use this list to his benefits too.

If you’re a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit and getting a business off the ground has been an issue then this post is for you. Starting your own profitable small business is a great means of increasing your income streams, though it isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but don’t allow your opportunities lessen by the challenges you might face along the line.

The following are the list of fantastic small business ideas you can choose from to start making cash;

1. Running an in-house daycare

This is a great business idea for those who loves kids and have a passion to impacting children.

2. Running errands

People need help from time-to-time getting things done and one very easy business to do is to start running errands for busy moms, people who work all day, old people and sick people. All you need do is tell people what you do, thank God for social media, put it out on all social media platforms you’re on and boom that’s it.

3. Blogging

This is another great business idea for anyone as it allows you work completely on your own schedule. This is what i do too , though me blogging is born out of my passion for it, but as it seems I’m sure switching it into a business venture. You don’t need to be a perfect writer to do this, just pen down your thoughts and viola.

4. Weekend coaching

Tutoring pupils or students in subjects they find difficult is another way of making cool cash.

5. Blog image graphic design

Like we all know, visuals form an integral aspect of blogging. Putting out adverts that you do this perfectly well will drive your clients to you.

6. Freelance writer

With so much contents created online, you can write for blogs, magazines, ebooks and so on.

7. Laundry business

Most people have the money but not the time to do their laundry, you can make money from helping them do their laundries.

8. Taxi driving business

Do you have a car in a good condition? If yes, what’s stopping you from joining the Uber and Bolt family to make some good money.

9. Sell something online

It could be food items, cosmetics, fabric or whatever, put it out on all social media platforms and start making money.

10. Makeup/hairstylist business

If you’ve developed a reputation as a talented hairstylist or makeup artist, you can venture into this and become your own boss.

Perhaps you know other profitable small business ideas for women, kindly share them with us in the comment box. Help this post spread by liking and sharing it if you enjoyed it… Thanks for reading!

Orentenimi ❤️❤️


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