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Under 10$ foundation dupes for women of colour

Hello beautiful people, welcome to my blog! Today’s post is on foundations less than 10$ for blackwomen.

Note- this is not a sponsored post, thought and content of this post are all mine.

A little bit of splurging is not a bad idea, but why splurge when you can still look radiant without breaking a bank? Don’t get me wrong folks, pampering oneself should be part of your selfcare routine, so I’m not saying it’s wrong.

Here are my 4 best foundations that can get you looking perfect and flawless for just 10$ or less, check them out and get gorgeous.

  • Zikel foundation

This foundation is of 2 types; the eventone foundation and the HD foundation, I’ve used both on my clients and myself and i must say it’s worth even more than it price. It gives full coverage, has an spf, feels light on the skin when applied, and it gives a matte finish.

  • Zaron healthy glow matte foundation

This product is 100% matte, has spf30, it gives a full coverage, its light weighted, it doesn’t cake or give fine lines, in other words it leaves you with a super flawless matte finish.

  • Milani foundation

This product is non-comedogenic (it doesn’t clog pores), non-greasy, lightweight, I’ll say it’s best to allow the foundation dry out before continuing the makeup process to avoid a mess.

  • Maybelline fit me foundation

Gives a matte finish also, you actually don’t need so much of this foundation for a good coverage (but i think that depends on the type of coverage you want), it gives the skin a dry finish but also hydrate it so it doesn’t dry out.

Thanks for stopping by…XoXo❤️❤️

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My name is Sarah, my friends call me Orentenimi. I’m a wife, mum, professional makeup artist, DIY buff, beauty and fashion junkie which is what i write about on Orentecaresblog(OCB). Aside being a content creator i am also a biologist, so happy you visited my small corner of the web.

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