Hello lovelies, welcome to my blog!

Figuring out what to carry in a diaper bag can be a struggle, so today i will be diving deep into my diaper bag to tell you all the items i carry along for my 7months old.

  1. First aid kit- In here i have Zoey’s nail cutter, thermometer, paracetamol, gripe water and nasal aspirator just incase we may need them when we are out.
  2. Extra baby clothes- I don’t want my baby smelling poop Incase there’s an explosion, so i carry extra outfit for her.
  3. Plastic bag- In order to separate soiled diapers from the clean ones, i also put this in our bag.
  4. Burp clothes – To clean spit ups
  5. Diaper– I go out with 3 or more in our bag depending on how long we will be staying out.
  6. Bottle/Formula- Although Zoey hates formula, but i still bring some with me just Incase she changes her mind.
  7. Wipes
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. Nursing cover- My baby enjoys breastfeeding a lot that she demands it anywhere and anytime, so i nurse her comfortably wearing this.
  10. Toy- They help distract her when she’s being fussy for no specific reasons.
  11. Blanket- I may need to cover her up out there, so a small blanket comes to the rescue

My diaper bag gives me so much confidence and that’s because i carry all i need in it, what are your diaper bag essentials? I’ll be waiting for your comments, remember to share and like this post….thank you❤️❤️


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