A bag is a girls closest friend, you go virtually everywhere with it and when you’re not with your bag you feel as if something is missing. On today’s post I’ll be sharing with you the lifelines you should carry in your handbag, yes i call them lifelines because when you’re out without these things it’s like a part of you isn’t with you.

photo- Pinterest

  1. Cell phone- I have my emails, photos , social media and important information on my phone, my cellphone is my office so i go everywhere with it.
  2. My ID- I wouldn’t want to be delayed or embarrassed on the road, so i move around with this in my bag too.
  3. A compact mirror- A baby girl needs to check her face if there’s need to reapply her makeup.
  4. Power bank- i use this to charge my phone whenever the bars are exhausted or about to, so it’s always in my bag as i don’t want to miss an important call or message.
  5. A snack- A snack comes handy when hunger sets in and there’s no food around, so keeping this in your bag isn’t a bad idea either.
  6. Mint/gum/mouthspray- Any of these will help you maintain fresh breath.
  7. A mini makeup purse- This contains things for touch ups like, powder, lipstick, lip balm, hairpin, ruffle, sanitizer, hairbrush.
  8. Baby wipes- Thank goodness wipes are accessible, i literally clean almost everything with them, makeup, stains anything.
  9. Safety pin- This comes to rescue whenever my zipper wouldn’t want to cooperate, i secure my clothe with it till i get home.
  10. Sunglasses- Ok so the weather over here is unpredictable, it could be cloudy in a minute and sunny the next minute, i always put my glasses in my bag, plus i just love sunglasses…lol

These are all i carry in my bag girls…..what do you have in yours?



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