Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to my blog, on today’s post I’ll be showing you pictures of how i glammed up myself today in a bid to master my art (makeup artistry).

Here are the product details i used:

  • Brow- Zikel cosmetics browfidence
  • Eyeshadow- Zikel cosmetics mermaid palette
  • Primer- Rimmel stay matte primer
  • Lippie- Zikel cosmetics lipstick
  • Concealer- Zikel cosmetics second skin in the shade honey
  • Foundation- Zikel cosmetics foundation in the shade Golden caramel

So beauties Incase you have further questions, I’ll be waiting to explain it all to you in details.

P.s- All these pictures were taken using my phones camera and a ringlight.

Xoxo ❤️


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