As mothers we suffer burnout, some days I just feel like i can’t deal with one more tantrum or clean up any mess, i know it’s my body telling me it’s time to take a break and i try to do so in order to improve my mood.

Here’s my list on how to keep sane and not collapse underneath the weight of all the responsibilities that comes with being a mom.

  1. Get some sleep 💤 time
  2. Go get your hair done,paint your nails or steam your face
  3. Eat your best meal
  4. Listen to a music aside the “baby shark” songs
  5. Watch your favorite T.V show/s
  6. Read a book
  7. Make time for mommy friends
  8. Get yourself a special gift
  9. Take time to kneel and pray by yourself
  10. Take a relaxing hot bath or shower

Thank you for reading, kindly share this post on all your social media platforms and also share your thoughts with me in the comment box.

P.s- The picture above is that of myself and my daughter at 3months.


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