Hello folks!

Welcome to my blog, i recently added this beauty called Mario badescu facial spray with aloe,chamomile and lavender to my makeup arsenal. A friend of mine told me about it few months ago and i just decided to try it now (i wish i did long before now…lol) and it’s been working wonders.

This simply formulated product with herbal extracts and lavender is a great toner, it also revives tired and dull skin.

It gives your makeup a perfect finish, can be used with or without makeup on.

How i use:

  • I store the bottle in the refrigerator for extra cooling boost
  • I spray on my face on makeup free days
  • I spray on my face on days i wear makeup


  • Non irritable
  • Pleasant smell
  • Moisturizing
  • It’s ideal for all skin types
  • Can be used anywhere and at anytime


  • It’s a bit on the high side (it goes for 7000 naira)
    Bottle has a tiny spray nozzle


It’s packaged in a transparent bottle

Ok folks, let me know what you think of this amazing product in the comments box below, remember to share, like and follow my blog. Cya

Orentenimi xoxo


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