Hey lovelies!

So today i’m going to talk about rules a makeup artist should abide by:

  1. It’s better to have one original product than have ten fake ones.
  2. Mediocrity is a NO NO, invest in your craft.
  3. Don’t refer to your clients as dear, hun or darling, stay professional!
  4. Invest in good perfumes and deodorants.
  5. Pop in some minty gum or sweets so your breath remains fresh.
  6. Sterilize tools between clients.
  7. Don’t fan your clients using your mouth.
  8. Sanitize your hands before starting a face beat.
  9. You ain’t a seductress, please dress responsibly.
  10. Use a makeup cape to protect clients clothing from stain.

Do add to the list in the comments section below, plus I’m only sharing my view as a makeup artist😉

Lots of love ❤️


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