• Hello love bugs! Hope y’all are fabulous? My apologies for being away for a while now, but what’s the best way to come back than to put up this lovely article you’ll not find anywhere online….hehehe😂 Troubles knowing which eyeliner works best for you? Just read through and you’ll thank me later😉
    • Liquid liners- liquid liners are my favorites, though it requires loads of practice and all before i could apply it perfectly(because it gets messy really fast), it comes in different forms (marker tip, brush tip, sponge tip and felt tip) felt tip and marker tip works best for beginners. I’ll recommend- Maybelline Collossal Kajal.

      Khol pencil- khol pencils are great for your subtle everyday look, they work perfectly for the inner eyes, just be sure the are well sharpened before using them. I’ll recommend Jordana khol Kajal eyeliner.

      Gel pot liners- This liners are packed in a small pot, most of them come with small precise brushes for easy application. Gel pot liners tends to dry up easily when not covered, ensure you keep them properly closed when not in use. Try- Zaron gel liners

    Which ever you choose to work with, be sure you’re well relaxed and settled when applying it. Remember to like, follow and share your thoughts with me in the comment box.

    Instagram- @orentenimi


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