Hello beauties!

Hehehe….I have to start by laughing as i’ve been away for only a second yeah? Ok, I know i’ve been away for so long and i feel so guilty about it, forgive me people. Though some of you know what i’ve been up to (orentenimi organics), i’ll tell you more about it next time (soon), let’s head for today’s business lol😅

Today i’m putting out this wonderful post for those who’ll like to re-wear their falsies multiple times.

Things needed :

Shampoo, bowl of water, small towel.

Procedure :

  • Add few drops of shampoo into your bowl of water.
  • Drop your falsies into the soapy bowl of water and allow to sit for a minute.
  • Pick out your falsies and place on your palm.
  • Lather your index finger with little shampoo, move your finger along your false lashes gently (move from tip-to-end).
  • Keep doing so until all the makeup glue is completely out.
  • Rinse and dry gently with a clean towel.
  • Secure the lash band by keeping it safe in the lash box.

That’s it! it’s so easy, without spending one kobo you’ve got yourself a pair of “good as new falsies”.

Note: The tips above enables you to wear your lashes up to twenty (20) times if you wish 😃, I hope you find this helpful. How do you clean your false lashes? Be sure to follow, like and drop your comments.

Instagram : @beautybyorente


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