Hello beauties,

I’ll be sharing with you today a very effective mask recipe that help alleviates pimples, acne, sebum and darkspot.

Things needed :

  • 2tbsp honey
  • 3tbsp of lemon juice
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 small clean bowls
  • A big bowl for steaming
  • Spoon
  • A clean towel

-Honey contains antibacterial properties, it lightens the skin and also works as a moisturizer.

-Lemon juice is a powerful astrigent, it also lightens the skin and help get rid of pimples and darkspot.

-Egg white is rich in protein and it does the following: nourishes the skin, skin firming, skin toning, reduces the appearance of pores, and it also act as a cooling astrigent.


  1. Carefully take out the egg white from 1 egg into your clean bowl.
  2. Squeeze your lemon juice into a separate bowl, and deseed with a clean spoon.
  3. Add 2tbsp of honey into the lemon juice and stir.
  4. Pour the egg white from the other bowl into the lemon juice and honey mixture.
  5. Whisk well till everything is properly incorporated, then set aside.
  6. In my own opinion, i’ll advice you steam your face in order to open up your spores for a better result before applying this mask, but if you don’t want to steam, you can just wash your face with warm water. (check out my easy steaming method on my previous post tagged “how to get rid of whiteheads”)
  7. Apply mask on your face with your finger tip, allow to stay for 15minutes.
  8. Wash off with warm water, then dap your face dry with a clean towel.
  9. Voila, that’s it.

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Orentenimi xoxo!


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