Hello darlings!

I know for sure most of us are on to our daily activities already, so i promise i’ll make this brief and interesting.

Once in a while we love to get our curly, thick hair straightened, but the fear of not wanting to damage our hair always comes to mind. Worry no more darlings as i’ll be sharing with you some important tips and tricks i’ve picked up in a bid to straighten my hair without damaging it.

1. Clean your hair with a sulphate-free smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

2. Blot your hair dry with your towel (use a microfiber towel to achieve this, as it absorbs water quickly and helps smoothen the hair).

3. Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

4. Shield your hair with a heat protecting spray.

5. Avoid flat-ironing the ends of your hair, curling your ends a bit inward makes it fuller.

I hope these tips help you get in the right direction? Let me know in the comment box, kindly remember to like and follow…thanks.

Photo credit- Pinterest

IG – @makeoversbyorente

Orentenimi ♡kisses♡


  1. I recently experienced great hair loss, and i think it was because I straightened my hair without following the right step, am sure with this tips you’ve given me things will get better next time, thanks


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