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I want to say a big “thank you” to you all for always checking on my blog despite my inconsistencies….. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Today i am doing a review on a very affordable product (classic mattifying liquid foundation).

This product is quite cheap, yes! Not all of us has enough money to go for the expensive ones, so i hope many if not all finds this helpful.

NOTE: In the bid to stay off FAKE classic products, the company has made available a scratch card on the packs of whatever you’re getting from them, ensure you send the pin to the number provided on the pack in order to be sure you are not using an imitation of it.

Classic foundation is a mattifying liquid concealing foundation, it covers blemishes easily, and it gives a 100% natural finish. I call it a “two way wonder” because it can also be used in place of a concealer.

This product comes with a pump in it to aid it usage without opening the entire cap, but this pump doesn’t work well for me because the content is so thick. I just open the cap and dap some on my beauty blender, then blend over my face, making sure I go over areas that needs more coverage.

Well, this foundation sits longer on the face with the help of mix and fix setting spray (also a classic product).

This product works perfectly for people that has oily and combination skin because of it matte finish, and can also be used along side a hydrating primer for people with dry skin.

This foundation comes in different shades (1-5), for you to be sure you’re buying the original product, i’ll advice you get it from konga. You can get it for #2000 or more, depending on where you buy yours.

If you’ll ask me, this foundation is a YES….it’s so classic as it name implies.

Will be awaiting your thoughts on this review in the comment section, remember to like and also follow.


Orentenimi really CARE♡♡


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