Hey fam!

So today i’ve got another interesting and great topic to take you through, and i can assure you these touch up tips will help pull off a flawless makeup (hopefully in five minutes).

At the start of your day, your makeup may be looking a hundred percent, but what happens after about 8 hours when things starts to get a bit messy, when lipsticks accumulates at the corners of your mouth, smeared liners, and caked concealers amongst many others? A little touch up is definitely the answer. Like i said earlier, with a little bit of touch up your makeup will transition from looking “worn out” to looking “properly fixed” in a jiffy.

In my own opinion, below are easy guides on how to touch up your makeup when it oxidizes or rather when it starts to slip. Take a bathroom break with the necessary makeup tools and lets explore.

1. GET RID OF THE OIL- this should be done before anything else, you remove oil with a oil-blotting paper or a tissue.

2. RETOUCH YOUR FOUNDATION- carefully smooth out things with your beauty blender without rubbing off your entire makeup.

3. RE-APPLY MASCARA- re-applying your mascara doesn’t mean you should add more coat to the previous one as doing this will make your lash rough and dirty. It’s better off when cleaned and then,run a fresh coat along your lash line.

4. DUST A LITTLE BIT OF POWDER OVER YOUR FACE-this provides your face with a smooth and flawless finish, also remember to highlight where necessary.

5. APPLY YOUR LIPSTICK- clean up the previous one so you can start on a clean slate, then re-apply your lipstick.

So guys, give these tips a try and let me know how you get on and what you think about it too.

Orentenimi ♡


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