Hello love bugs!

Everyone is born with a unique eye shape, be it monolid, upturned, downturned, hooded, almond and so on. Not all of us are born with a big eye, so if your eyes aren’t big naturally like you’ll want them to be, don’t worry these easy steps below will put you through.

  1. Groom/define your brows: your brow has a lot to do with your facial look with your eyes inclusive, creating a defined arc beneath your brow makes your eyes more distinct and noticeable.
  2. Apply a black liner: Do this just above the base of your upper lashes and on your lower lashes (be sure to make the line thinner from the inner part and thicker at the outer part) this technique enhances your lashes and provides the perfect eye frame for your face.
  3. Extend a tiny flick of liner beyond the outer corners of the eyes, this technique pulls out the eyes a bit.
  4. Add a white liner to your inner eye: doing this creates an illusion that you have a larger looking eyes, because of the light it produces.
  5. Define your crease: define the space between your brow bone and eye with a neutral matte color or a darker shade, this procedure plays a great role in making your eyes bigger as it adds more depth to your eyes.
  6. Curl up your lashes: this is done will a lash curler, doing this reveals your eyes clearly because when lashes are straight, it cast shadows on the eye area.
  7. Apply mascara to your top and lower lashes: Applying mascara to the top of your lashes pulls your eyes upward, and applying it below enhances your lower lashes.
  8. Apply false lashes: opt for a beautiful simple lash that will give your eyes enough definition without making it busy like a market place.

Try this and tell me what you think, remember; BRIGHT EYES MAKES YOU YOUNGER!

Instagram: @makeoverbyorente



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