When it comes to a night date, every girl breaks out from her day-to-day look to achieving a sexier one. In the process of you trying to impress your man, some of us over do things.

Are you looking forward to a date night after work, school or even during the weekends? Worry no more, because orenteCARES has got your back, as i’ve pulled together a guide for your date night look.

  • Take a shower: it is appropriate to take a shower before a date night in other to keep refreshed after a long day, make sure your skin is well moisturized after bath, concentrate on areas like your hands, elbows, and feet.
  • Be gentle on deodorants/perfumes: In the process of trying to smell good for your date, try not to overload yourself , as we all know “too much of everything is bad”, you don’t have to marinate your self with different perfumes, go for that special feminine perfume on your shelf and that alone is fine.
  • Foundation application: Apply a foundation that soothes your skin tone, ensure you cover all scars and blemishes on your face, and if you have a oily face, go for a oil free primer, so your makeup won’t be in ruins before you get to the date spot.
  • Eye pop: try on winged liners (cat eye), this makes you look younger as it lifts and widens your eyes, then brighten your eye corners and brow bone with highlighters.
  • Lip: A nude lippie with a bit of gloss on it is a perfect one for a date night, in my own opinion a light lippie is a lot more sexier than a thick lippie. An intended lip kiss can become a peck if the lip is too busy “wink”
  • Hair: Go for a neat decent hair, your hair doesn’t have to be dramatic, a ponytail, a well packed bob marley twist is a yes for a night date.

In essence, all i’ve been trying to get across to you is to ensure the makeup you wear still resembles you, just wear a friendly and confident smile and enjoy your date.

I hope you find this helpful, don’t forget to follow, like and post your thoughts in the comment section.

Instagram: @makeoverbyorente

Stay happy!

Orentenimi xoxo

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