Hello beautiful people!

I know for sure y’all had a lovely easter, and I did too. Most of us if not all are back on our day to day activities, so i’ll just drop this here for you to cool off with when you get home.

We all wish to flaunt a flawless makeup, but most times we don’t get it right because of common mistakes such as; lipsticks staining the teeth, eyeliners rubbing on the eyelid and so on. I bring to you another fascinating topic today, that will help you look “all put together” after your makeup application.

  • Brow pencil:

In order to achieve an instant face lift, trace your brow pencil along your brow top.

  • Eyeliner:

Apply your liner from the inner conner of your eyes and then outwardly.

  • Mascara:

Brush from roots to top with a mascara wand.

  • Eyeshadow primer:

Get good eyeshadow primer for your eyelid, never use a concealer or foundation on your eyelid, else your makeup will crease.

  • Foundation:

Dab in foundation into your skin with a beauty blender or a foundation brush for a full coverage, and if you want a sheer coverage, your finger tip will do.

  • Translucent powder:

Make sure your powder reaches all the shinny parts of your face.

  • Blush:

Smile when applying a blush, dust on the apples of your cheek and sweep towards your ear top with the appropriate brush.

  • Lipstick:

Start your lipstick/stain application from the cupid bow, then extend outwards and smack.

  • Glow kit/bronzer:

Fake a nose job by applying a bronzer on your nose.

Yassss! That all for now, try these tips and tricks and let me know the impact it made on your makeup application game, got any makeup trick with you, please share with us all in the comment section….see you soon.



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