Hy beautiful people!

I will be revealing to you a wonderful, effective home remedy for treating whiteheads on the face.

Whitehead is form when too much oil accumulates on the face. This unfavorable skin condition can be caused by the use of oily cosmetics, pregnancy, hormonal changes e.t.c

Consistently undergoing a face steaming procedure at least twice a month will produce a perfect outcome we all want.

Steaming the face helps open the pores so as to free the face from sebum, dirt, oil, bacteria and all.


  • put water in a pot and set to boil.
  • Before the water boils, wash your face to remove dirt and makeup.
  • Pat your face with a towel to dry.
  • Pour boiled water into a deep bottom bowl
  • Bend your face close to the water, be careful not to burn your jaw.
  • Cover your head with a towel or wrapper so that the steam doesn’t escape from the sides.
  • Soak in the steam for 10 minutes.
  • Apply mask over your face (the clay, egg white, and lemon juice mask will do), but if you don’t want to apply a mask ,just rinse off your face with warm water.
  • Apply toner on your face (lemon juice is a good toner, cut a lemon into 2 and squeeze out the juice into a small bowl and deep into it a cotton ball, dab over the affected areas only in order to avoid irritation in a case where you are treating a sensitive skin).
  • Moisturize your face with oil or cream of your choice.
  • And that’s it….you’re done.

Do try this out if you like it, and please don’t forget to comment, like and follow me on my blog, by so doing i’ll get to know you love and appreciate my ideas,kindly follow me on instagram too @facebeatbyorente

Orente cares about you so much xoxo!

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