Identifying the basic products to have in a ladies cosmetic bag has been an issue to many from time past, on the other hand some ladies buy irrelevant things that remain unused. As a lady buying only the essentials will save you from occupying your makeup arsenal with stuffs you don’t need, today on my blog I will list out everything you need to make your personal beauty bag complete.

1. Brush set:

The use of the right makeup brush for the appropriate reason and a proper makeup application gives you a flawless finish.

2. Mascara:

A mascara is very essential in a girls makeup arsenal as it enhances your lashes. For a everyday look a black color mascara will do just fine.

3. Eyeliner:

Eyeliner defines your eyes.

4. Brow pencil:

A brow pencil is use to line out your brow.

5. Eyeshadow:

A neutral color eyeshadow palette will go a long way for your day to day look, but just incase you want to pop more colors feel free to get them.

6. Foundation:

We all have blemishes, discolorations and spots we want to hide, just slather foundation over your face and beat in with a foundation brush and that’s it.

7. Concealer:

Your concealer should be two shades lighter than you are, choose a creamy formula that can hide pimples and under eye circles.

8. Translucent powder:

It sets the face and controls oil.

9. Blush and bronzer:

A blush along side bronzer add colors to your cheeks.

10. Lipstick:

Applying lipstick/lipstain or lip gloss goes hand in hand with every other thing I’ve mentioned above, just go for the best lipstick that soothes your lip and voila you’re good to go.

Just incase you’re also one of the numerous girls that need to know the essentials in a cosmetic bag, try get all I’ve listed above, and comment if you find this article helpful, don’t forget to follow and like also.

Else i forget, orentecares blog became a month old 3 days back, i want to say thank you to you all for your supports and love, I’m overwelmed with the fact that I can see my ideas popping up on a screen, I hope and pray my baby blog grows to the next level soonest.

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Orentenimi xoxo

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