Hi lovely people!

Do not assume am being a “mrs know it all” just thought many beautiholics will appreciate this, so i decide to share. Remember i care for you a great deal (yes i do).

Makeup brushes plays vital role in the application of a beautiful and flawless make up. In as much as these brushes do us good, we should do same by keeping them clean.leaving makeup particles in a brush causes pimples, acne, rashes……

As an individual that loves to apply makeup or a makeover artist, this article is for you, as i will be suggesting easy ways to clean your makeup brushes…..


  • Pour small amount of olive oil into a bowl filled with warm water, add 2-3 drops of liquid soap.
  • Mix till lather forms on the surface, dip your brush (one at a time) with your right hand and use your other hand to hold the brush egg (brush cleaning tool)
    • Remove the brush from the oil and soap mix and move up and down (zig-zag motion) on the brush egg until all traces of makeup residue on the brush clears.
    • Swirl your brush in a clean water to rinse and massage until all soap lather goes off. (remember not to allow water get into the glued part of the brush, it safer if you turn the brush downwards)
    • Use a makeup wipe to clean the brush handle, then lay the it flat in a tray till it dries completely.

I clean my brushes using these easy and safe procedures, do try it too and tell me what you think!

Orentenimi xoxo


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