Hello everyone!

I will be discussing different face shapes and the best eyebrow to draw on them. As a makeup artist i got to understand that you don’t just draw anything on a clients face, every face has it own unique shape, thereby requires a suitable brow for it.

The shape of the face plays an important role on ones look, it affects ones makeup, hairstyles and all.We all are different in our special ways so are our faces. Identifying your face shape helps you know hairstyles, makeup styles that fits you.

– Heart Shaped Face:

A heart shaped face is strongly taper towards the chin, the chin tend to be pointy and the forehead may be a prominent feature, round arch brow shape is the best for this type of face shape in order to soften the jaw line.

– Long Shaped face:

This face has elongated feature from forehead to chin, face taper towards chin and some have prominent chin. A flat brow shape and a low arch at the tail does it best for a long shaped face, so as to make the face look shorter.

-Oval shaped face:

An oval shaped face tapers toward the chin, has prominent cheek bone, wide forehead, this face soothes most brow shapes, but a partly arched eyebrow will do more good to this face.

– Triangle Shaped Face:

This face is highly angular and bony, also wide at it temples, it’s almost like the heart faced shape and as such a rounded eyebrow will just be fine.

-Square Shaped face:

For this type of face, the jawline, forehead and cheekbone are almost same width, it prominent features are the square and jawline. The ideal brow for this face is a thick eyebrow with a strong arch.

-Round Shaped Face:

For a round face, the cheeks are wide, the width and length of this face is almost same. The best brow shape for this face is a straight line that leads to the peak of the brow, so the roundness would not be obvious.

I hope you find this article helpful, do post your feedbacks at the comment section.

Will be talking about something very important in my next post…do watch the space. *winks*



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