Oily skin is a dull coloured, shiny, thick skin. Having an oily skin can cause numerous breakouts of pimples, enlarged pores, acne and black heads.

The oil producing sebaceous glands in an oily skin are overactive and give rise to too much oil, it can be caused by: hot weather, oily products, hormone levels, diets.

Oily skin is so annoying and frustrating, you apply your makeup now and in the next 30 minutes your face is a mess, oily skin can’t be stopped , but can be managed on a skin care routine.

If this unfortunate skin problem apply’s to you, then head to the kitchen to prepare the tips i will be posting below…

Cucumber face mask for oily skin

  • Cucumber (1)
  • Lemon (1)
  • Egg (1)
  • Clay (1 teaspoonful of clay)


  • Slice off the skin of the cucumber with a knife or peeler.
  • chop the cucumber into chunks and blend into a fine paste with a blender.
  • pure the cucumber puree into a bowl, slightly crack the egg at the top only letting out the egg white into the cucumber puree without the yolk.
  • Add to the mixture 1 tsp of clay.
  • cut the lemon into 2 and press out it juice in a separate bowl, pick out the seed and add the juice into the mixture.
  • mix well until a smooth fine paste is acheived.
  • use finger tips to apply the mask on your face leavimg the areas surrounding the eyes.
  • leave the mask for twenty minutes (allow to dry completely)
  • wash your face with warm water and use your finger tip to wash off all traces of the mask.
  • use a clean, dry towel to pat your face dry.
  • Do this once a week and your face should not be as oily as it use to.

Do try this easy to make face mask and send me your feedbacks…Orentenimi!

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