Historically beards symbolizes power, and that’s the reason behind great and influential men rocking this style. There are factors that hinders facial hair growth such as; genetics and ones age. Take a good look at the beards the men in your family has, then you will get a clue of what you can expect.

Not to worry if you are also interested in the beards gang thing, orentecares has few tips for you on how to get there. Never have in mind that it’s not possible growing thick facial hairs, the key thing here is patience and persistency.

1. Exfoliate and clean your face

Ensure you exfoliate your skin atleast twice a week with the lime and sugar mix i shared with you in my previous post, exfoliating encourages hair growth because it clears dead cells from the skin. wash your face with warm water afterwards.

2. Use vitamins and supplements to grow your beard;

Eat food that are high in protein, it provides the body with the adequate growth needed for hair growth. The’ use of biotin (2.5mg) is also essential in hair growth, because biotin is a B complex vitamin known as vitamin H, it helps your body’s mebolism to process energy and transport carbondioxide from cells. The use of biotin improves the keratin infrastructure(a protein that makes up hair)

3. Rest well and drink lot of water

4. Massage you hair with sunny isle jamaican black castor oil or amla oil (morning and night), i tried it on my hubby and it worked like magic.

Orentenimi xx

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